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FCI Natural Herding Aptitude Test 9.3.2019 – Tara

Tara-hyrdetest-2019-03Prøve: 2 DBC Hüteprüfungen

Dommer: Inna Baranova, Rusland

– Contact with people: Excellent
– Contact with dogs: Excellent
– Sensitive to noise: Excellent

Relationship with the handler
– Obstacle: Excelletn
– Absence of handler: Excellent
– Recall: Excellent

Evaluation: Excellent

Approaching the flock: Very good
Contact with the flock: Excellent
Interests and initiative: Good

Sociability part: Excellent


Herding dog Aptitude part: Very good dog, has enough emotions, interest and ability to herding, but still too young to do it long time.



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