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NLK udstilling Ål, Norge 18.7.2015 – Unni

Keeza's Lunde UnniDommer: Maija Heinilä, Norge


Bedømmelse: Very good åben.kl. uplac

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NPPK udstilling Stavanger, Norge 31.5.2015 – Unni

Orre2015s-UnniDommer: Jurate Butkiene

Kritik: Typ well developed body for age, correct expression, excellent eyes, correct ears, correct well angulations, correct all fingers, very typical front & rear action for breed, correct puppy coat, very good civilization. Very promising.

Bedømmelse: BIR-hvalp BIG3-hvalp

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Sør-Rogaland BHK udstilling Orre, Norge 30.5.2015 – Unni

Orre2015-UnniDommer: Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spanien

Kritik: Correct format, undershut, topline has to fix, slightly long in xxx, has a tendery to xxx dewclaws while walking, xx well as schoulders. Promising.

Bedømmelse: BIR hvalp

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